Terms and Conditions of Rental

  1. Books can only be rented from our stores with an order confirmation from lrc.albatra.com
  2. Security deposit is payable as shown on the order confirmation
  3. Rental charges will be applied when the books are returned as per the rental period selected, late charges applicable for each day over the selected period as shown on order confirmation.
  4. Books to be returned to the same store as picked up from. Upon return of the books, rental charges are applied on the deposit held and balance will be refunded.
  5. If a book is not returned within one month, the book will be considered sold and the deposit will be taken as sale amount.
  6. All books remain the property of albatra.com Books are required to be kept in good condition. If a book returned to us is damaged or rendered unusable, the item will be considered as sold to you and you will be charged a discounted value of the book (at our discretion)
  7. Albatra may amend the terms at any time. A copy of the terms can be acquired from our stores.